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Focus is not easy. Sufficient space to focus is wildly elusive in most of our working lives. The workplace should not be an obstacle to getting work done. The workplace should be the best place to do our best work – and yet that is often not the case. 

Focus work – whether as an individual or as part of a team – is almost impossible when background noise levels are too high. Unfortunately, noise levels are a challenge in almost every workspace; a recent Leesman report found that only 33% of employees are satisfied with the noise levels in their offices.

Acoustic comfort differs from person to person

People have different acoustic preferences; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To provide acoustic balance that most people will enjoy, consider creating a range of settings with varying levels of acoustic privacy.

Phone Booth

Compact phone booths offer a private solo space to work and take calls without being disturbed or disturbing others, even in an open plan office.

Team Setting

Quiet spaces for touch down workers encourage different working behaviour; this feels like a space where you shouldn’t be too loud.

Team Media Setting

Semi-enclosed team areas give moderate acoustic privacy for teams that include both in-person and remote workers.

Open Soft Seating

To maintain acoustic comfort in open, dynamic team settings, use absorptive furniture like soft seating, rugs, and acoustic planters to manage reverberation time.


Workplace design implications

Creating acoustically fine-tuned dynamic settings will give people the agency to decide which setting is best for the task they’re working on. 

Mix and match from our portfolio solutions to create settings that are just right for your space.

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