A meeting table in multiple shapes, sizes and heights. Immerse creates a microcosm of collaborative space.

Immerse Overview

The Immerse table creates a landscape of varied surfaces to support working in a communal way and the temporality of meetings. It provides a community hub that transforms the evolution of collaborative experiences, allowing interactions to organically change by the moment. Immerse is a playful table solution with a residential aesthetic that warms up the work environment. It adds a fun and unique personality to community spaces – from conference rooms to project spaces, studios, and dining areas.

Immerse adds a unique design quality to shared spaces. The feel of a home office desk that warms up the work environment, from conference rooms to break-out spaces and office cafes.

Split height table.
The playful design of the Immerse meeting table allows teams to split into two at the same workspace - encouraging both separation and unity at the same time.

The variation in table heights creates opportunities for combined sit/stand postures so everyone is at a visible level.

Immerse table models.
The Immerse table is available in three models:
Single – rectangular top
Shift – overlapping tops at distinctly different heights
Overlap – overlapping desk tops at subtly different heights

Revit Files

Individual Family Files

Immerse Overlap Table - Elliptic Round

Immerse Overlap Table - Rectangular-Rectangular

Immerse Overlap Table - Rectangular-Round

Immerse Shift Table - Oval Round

Immerse Shift Table - Rectangular-Rectangular

Immerse Shift Table - Rectangular-Round

Immerse Single Table - Oval-Elliptic

Immerse Single Table - Rectangular 300w

Immerse Single Table - Rectangular-Double 365w

Immerse Single Table - Round

Immerse Single Table - Square Rectangular 240w


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