The Atom

Premium Third-Place in Cambodia

Vattanac Capital is an international icon. It is also a corporate symbol of social and environmental responsibility. Located on the sixth floor of the Vattanac Capital Lifestyle Cube, dominating Phnom Penh’s skyline, the Atom is the latest addition to the Vattanac Capital portfolio. It offers a modern solution for today’s entrepreneurs, small businesses and big companies looking for flexible working solutions.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Specs

Space size: 1 floor - 650m2
Occupants: up to 180 for events
100 working seats

Design Firm

M Moser Associates

The concept of  The Atom brings together community within an activated space, challenging the traditional ideas of workplace through cross pollinating work, hospitality and wellness. The Atom is a premium working space that blends beautiful design with clear form and function. Customers have the ability to hot-desk, the practice of sitting in any available area, or to book dedicated meeting rooms and areas for hours or days at a time. 

Through mapping user journey pathways, we aimed to create a seamless working experience, promoting higher levels of social context and fostering space for individual restoration and relaxation. With flexibility in mind for multipurpose space types each zone can flex between smaller intimate settings to larger group functions. The space does more than provide chairs for sitting and surfaces for typing. It’s also inviting in a way that puts people at ease, opening minds, elevating moods and encouraging conversation. 

The Green Room

The medium-sized meeting room features a choice of two- person pods, cosy one-person working nooks and a flexible open area for small group chats. Hand-picked lofty plants add a splash of vibrant green to space, and the room also offers unparalleled views of the city.

The Lounge

Structured around the bar, the open-plan space offers double and triple sofas, single bucket-style armchairs and chairs, plus low and working-height tables to suit any working mood.

The Library

Thanks to flexible furniture configurations, the Library can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. Shelf-lined walls combined with books, vases and minimalist artwork, create a modern library feel.

“At a time when the places we work in have changed forever, The Atom has emerged to offer a unique experience, which perfectly combines the world of work and hospitality.”

Addy Walcott

Associate Director, M Moser

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