Be_Hold Smart


Reimagine workplace storage with Be_Hold Smart lockers. Be_Hold Smart adds electronic lockers to the wider Be_Hold storage portfolio. Access is easy – open lockers with an app, a QR code, RFID badges or keypads. Be_Hold Smart is a secure, intuitive storage solution for hybrid workplaces.

Be_Hold Smart Overview

Optimise storage footprint and support hybrid work
Be_Hold Smart tracks utilisation so you can optimise storage footprint across one floorplate – or many global campuses. Plug-and-play installation makes moving easy. And smart storage de-anchors users, freeing them to work wherever is best – making your office more dynamic.

Customise locker profiles
Be_Hold Smart lockers enable you to customise user profiles to support guests, visitors, project teams, or individuals. Streamline parcel delivery and pickup; give hybrid teams shared access to group materials; optimise the allocation of assigned and unassigned lockers.

Take the stress out of storage
Be_Hold Smart makes midweek crunch days a thing of the past. Before their commute, hybrid workers can pre-book a locker in just the size they need. Lockers have several convenient, contactless access options. Optional locker features include occupancy indicators, USB outlets and interior lights.

    • Access lockers via the app, QR code, employee RFID badge, or keypad (no more lost keys!)
    • Customise locker profiles to better support various groups of users.
    • USB charging, occupancy indicators, and locker lights available.
    • User data protected and stored locally by Microsoft Azure.
    • Be_Hold Smart uses the colour palette developed for Haworth by Patricia Urquiola, matching the larger Be_Hold family.
    • Facility managers can monitor utilisation across one office or many global campuses.
    • Individual locker columns can be reallocated to any locker bank.
    • Be_Hold Smart’s API can be integrated into office management or booking platforms.
    • Portugal
    • Poland

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The dynamic allocation of smart lockers makes it easier for facility managers to monitor the workspace. Thanks to plug and play integration, under utilised locker columns can be moved to any locker bank in the office – or even to another campus.

Better services (personal concierge)

From storing and charging personal items to receiving deliveries, Be_hold Smart lockers supports users to work flexibly across a workplace.

Harmonious Design

With its innovative design and exclusive finishes, Be_Hold Smart seamlessly integrates into the rest of the Be_Hold family with a wide range of colours to complement any interior.

Safe and secure

Be-Hold smart ensures employees and visitors can easily access secure storage solutions to meet their needs. Personal data is securely stored locally using the Microsoft Azure platform.

System integration

Leverage existing credentials for broader workplace solutions. Be_Hold Smart’s API can be integrated into existing workplace apps – meaning your members can manage everything in one place.