Designed by brodbeck design & Haworth Design Studio

Traditional task chairs contrast the increasingly residential-themed workplace aesthetic. Nia with it’s slim upholstered profile and concealed mechanisms finally creates a chair that compliments this aesthetic without compromising performance.

Slim, smooth edges on Nia's backrest
Nia acts as a meeting chair at the Immerse table

The world of work is constantly changing

Office spaces have become more and more versatile to accommodate different tasks and behaviours of changing workforces. Flexible working practices have increased the number and variety of non-assigned workspaces and added complexity to workspace design.

Traditional vs Agile Work

Agile workers don’t want to spend time adjusting the task chair they only spend a few hours in. The ideal work environment for tomorrow’s knowledge worker provides support where it's needed and freedom where it’s wanted.

Nia adapts to hot desk workers

Nia. The First Active Seating Chair

Nia is designed to blend the style and comfort of lounge chair with the performance of a task chair, creating a solution for many different work settings, from meeting/conference rooms, focus work areas and collaboration zones.