BuzziVille Hub Open


Designed by Alain Gilles

Privacy and connectivity come together in an open floor plan. 

BuzziVille Hub Open

Shaping the Conversation

Coworkers are drawn to BuzziVille Hub Open, a freestanding lounge that balances privacy with connectivity. The enclosed seating with a ceiling creates a cocoon within an open floor, while intentionally designed cutaways in the surround walls of the open model allow people to engage by simply leaning in. BuzziVille Hub Open is available in three sizes, and can be paired in groups to create a temporary conference or meeting room.

Sound Privacy

The sound-absorbing material and structure of BuzziVille Hub Open optimise acoustic performance in social spaces. Sound energy is spread more evenly and noise travels less within the space, so people can work better together. Use BuzziVille Hub Open as a space to gather and meet, designate it as a central point for social life, or make it an informal brainstorming area. 

BuzziVille Hub Open