Case Study International Healthcare Technology Company

Working at the intersection of healthcare and information technology, this international company creates solutions that let communities and people engage in their own health.


Bangalore, India

A strong partner to the Bangalore arm of the company for over a decade, Haworth was called in to undertake research and development, software product development and suggest new furniture to improve the 160,000 square foot workplace’s utilisation of space.

We demonstrated our commitment to the relationship by servicing existing products and offering improved designs and value for every new requirement.

The four-month project saw us replacing 1300 workstations and re-evaluating the design layout using Intuity benching for a more creative, flexible workspace where mobile employees can connect with colleagues and recharge their devices.

Innovative, ergonomic FERN task chairs deliver new levels of all-day comfort, regardless of size, posture, or work mode. We also added Very Wire stackers for a more friendly, sustainable seating and science-led comfort.

In breakout areas, Harbor, Point and Windowseat lounge chairs offer a range of comfortable places to help workers be more productive, store a variety of devices and resources and seek visual privacy for focussed work.

Feedback from employees suggests widespread approval of the new workplace design – particularly the transformation of breakout spaces into functional and collaborative areas that are more fit for purpose.