Case Study HPE

Multinational information technology company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) delivers flexible solutions that allow businesses to respond agilely to ever-changing market conditions. HPE asked Haworth to help create a new workspace design to increase productivity and morale for 10,000 employees over 5.5 levels in its Singapore office, including 1657 workstations.



Without your planning and commendable execution, this wouldn’t have been so easy,” said Ng San San, HPE Site Delivery Manager. “Special thanks for taking the initiative, hard work and extra time to make sure the project ran smoothly.

The deadline was tight – just 24 weeks – but our team delivered on time and budget. Our solution was to create an open space with maximum access to daylight and views that would encourage greater collaboration and cater to different work styles. We added further areas for privacy and IQ Commercial Pods for close work when needed.

In general work areas, we specified HAT and fixed Intuity workstations that could be customised to the requirements of each department while maintaining an overall aesthetic. Shift workstations gave managers private workspaces without making them feel isolated from their teams. To reduce HPE’s carbon footprint, we reused its existing Haworth EZ65 chairs.

We also installed Very Wire Stacker chairs and Planes tables in training rooms, Intuity fixed and high tables in meeting rooms and Very conference chairs in conference rooms. HPE was thrilled with the result.

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