Case Study Haima Group China

The new headquarter of Haima Group recently delivered is located in Haihui Port, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou. Haihui port is a landmark urban complex funded by the real estate business of Haima, covering nearly 20,0000 square meters of office buildings. The Company hopes to use the headquarters office as a demonstration space for office buildings, so as to improve the internationalization, fashion and human culture level of the entire Haihui Port.


ZhengZhou, China

Project Specs

Project area: 1,500 m2
Meeting room

Design Firm

Henan Blue Design Interior & Construction Co., Ltd.

Mr. Li Liangkun, Director of the General Office of Haima Group, said that Haima Group tries to “be the best at whatever we do”. Through the investigation of global key office projects, he has realized that the environment of office space can affect the efficiency of communication and work of staff, thus affecting the culture of an enterprise. 

Young employees are the main force of Haima Group, and the working atmosphere is full of vitality and passion. And the staff of the group headquarters often need cross-region communication and cooperation, which requires a lot of flexible meeting spaces. 

“The existence of a space is to support an enterprise to achieve their objectives. Only by encouraging employees to communicate through sharing, openness and collaboration, more good ideas and more concentrated work status can emerge.” Mr. Liu Peng, the Design Director of Henan Blue Design Interior & Construction Co., Ltd. has adopted the concept of integration in space design, separating the concentrated work and cooperation space, better fitting the management mode of Haima Group.

The completed workplace has subtracted the independent management office and added the color and collaboration space. Unexpectedly, it was welcomed by all the staff. Mr. Li Liangkun said: “The employees of all ages like this change very much. We pay attention to explanation to and communication with employees in the management method and winning of the understanding and support of them.”

Finally, as Mr. Wen Yu, Haworth Dealer Manager, said “Haworth is pleased to integrate the industrial experience – over-two-decade in China and over seven-decade worldwide - into the project, and show customers our cognition to design aesthetics and particular product styles. Haworth does not only provide furniture, but also change the new space to a carrier with project partners to enhance the productivity, happiness and pride of employees, so as to provide continuous power for the sustainable development of customers. The promotion of these invisible values is the real direction we pursue."

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