Riverbend & Pebble


By Fletcher Vaughan

Riverbend lounge seating and Pebble ottoman are easily configured to let you create a range of settings that offer people choices for individual work and contemplation, face-to-face discussions, or collaborative sessions.

Riverbend & Pebble Overview

Including the complementary Pebble ottoman, choose from 22 pieces in numerous shapes and sizes to create a range of settings for individual or collaborative activities.

    • Flexibility for smart space planning
    • High back sofa minimizes distractions
    • Mid back and no back sofa support an open environment
    • Concave, convex, and square corner pieces allow for more customized applications
    • Pebble ottoman provides a secondary surface for work, personal items, or additional seating
    • Numerous configuration combinations to maximize investment
    • 22 pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes
    • Single, double, or triple widths
    • Convex or concave corners, in 60° or 90° angles
    • Optional AC and USB power module
    • Certificate - BIFMA LEVEL 1 Certified
    • Not available in New Zealand.


Revit Individual Model

Pebble - Ottoman

Riverbend - Concave Bench 60

Riverbend - Concave Bench 90

Riverbend - Convex Bench 60

Riverbend - Square Corner

Riverbend - Straight Bench

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Certificates and Sustainability

Seating - Indoor Advantage™ Gold

Online Configurator

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