Haworth Cardigan Lounge™


By Studio Urquiola

Introducing Haworth Cardigan Lounge™: the innovative armchair that surpasses any lounge chair you have ever seen. The Haworth Cardigan Lounge™ brings a modern, light and airy design to any work space, in the office or at home, giving you permission to lounge in the most professional way possible. It is a comfortable, form-fitting homage to a knit cardigan – dressing you and your space in the colours of the season.

Haworth Cardigan Lounge™ Overview

Haworth Cardigan goes beyond being a cosy chair; it is a significant milestone in Haworth's path towards achieving circularity, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. It delivers an unprecedented sustainable seating solution, with a biomass foam seat, a digital knit with recycled PET yarn, and no glue. And here's the exciting part: Haworth Cardigan's design allows you to effortlessly disassemble and transport it throughout the different stages of your life. It's a chair that grows and evolves with you, wherever your journey takes you.

The design of the Haworth Cardigan Lounge™ exudes striking modernity and sleekness. Unlike its heavily upholstered counterparts, Cardigan stands out with its slim and lightweight profile. Yet, despite its unconventional appearance, it remains incredibly comfortable, offering a delightful blend of style and cosiness.

    • Designed to support Haworth sustainability commitments.
    • No glue or adhesives - all parts attached with reversible bonding.
    • Small package size (22kg) -  reducing transport emission and can be carried.
    • Easy assembly and disassembly -Only 6 screws and a tool necessary.
    • New Biomass balanced foam -  made from wastes, contributes to saving 100% fossil resources in production and reducing embodied carbon by ~80%.
    • 100% recyclable knit - made of 100% post-consumer PET bottles.
    • Glides available for hard or soft floors.
    • 78 design options.
    • Cushion available as an accessory in the Lounge product category.
    • Portugal


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Haworth Cardigan Lounge™

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No Waste

Lao Zi wrote that ‘good walking leaves no track behind’. Patricia Urquiola echoed this philosophy when she designed Haworth Cardigan. She describes Haworth Cardigan as a product ‘with no leftovers’.

Designed for your Life - No glue or adhesives

Haworth Cardigan is ingeniously designed with just four components: a sturdy steel frame, a customizable 3D knit fabric, high-quality foam, and 6 identical screws. What's remarkable is that no glue is involved in its assembly. This means that when it's time to disassemble, it's a breeze to do so.

Our most sustainable lounge chair

Haworth Cardigan is an exercise in material simplicity. Circularity was always the intent, from the very earliest stages of Haworth Cardigan’s design process. Haworth Cardigan’s impact during production and at end-of-life is minimal. Haworth Cardigan is form-fitting, comfortable and confident. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.