BuzziNest Pod


By BuzziSpace Studio

BuzziNest Pod is all you need to reduce distracting noise from any workplace. The spacious booth offers a private space to work and take calls and can accommodate up to four people to hold face-to-face meetings and collaboration without being disturbed or disturbing others, even in an open plan office.

BuzziNest Pod Overview

Due to its upholstered exterior and fabric panels on the interior, BuzziNest Pod effectively dampens sound from every direction to create maximum peace and quiet for everyone in the office, whether you are working inside the pod or out.

Available in a range of different colours and fabrics, BuzziNest Pod will fit right into your office decor, and you can enhance it with a high or low table, plus either stools or soft cubes as seats.

BuzziNest Pod is easy to install. Built-in castors can be suspended from the base to help move the acoustic booth to a new spot, which can then be secured by putting it back on its feet.

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BuzziNest Pod

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Fresh air

BuzziNest is equipped with a top-of-the-line fresh air ventilation system, which takes air from the top and pushes air inside, down, and out through the bottom.

Integrated power

Power can be routed in through the roof or side of the booth and connected to both mains outlets and USB chargers to keep your laptop and mobile devices charged through even the longest conference calls.

Motion sensor

Once you step inside, the ventilation fans engage at full capacity. Also, a motion sensor activated LED ceiling light turns on when BuzziNest is in use and off when it is not occupied.