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Digital transformation and technology will impact future workers, their behaviour and therefore their workplaces. With the majority of our future workforce being independent of their work location, we will experience the opportunities and risks of being able to work from anywhere.

If we can work from anywhere, will we sit anywhere? With Active Seating Haworth introduces a new category of seating that enables workers to work anywhere but be supported and experience maximum comfort during their work. If it‘s a 3 hour meeting, another 2 hours of concentrated focus work or a quick catchup with colleagues.

Work anywhere, Sit everywhere, with Active Seating from Haworth.


Activate your worklife

A new category of task chair for those who don't need a task chair

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Nia is designed to blend the style and comfort of a lounge chair with the performance of a task chair, creating a solution for many different work settings, from meeting/conference rooms, focus work areas and collaboration zones.


The first nesting chair with easy click.

For all things work. And play.

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Bowi is designed in clean simple aesthetic that compliments a range of environments, such as conference, meeting and projects rooms or cafeterias.

A crafty mechanism allows the chair to be easily inclined and nested using minimal space, to address to the increasing need for space and flexibility.


Effortless comfort

Fit for applications from individual workstations and touchdowns to collaboration and conference rooms.

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Thoughtfully designed and informed by ergonomics, Soji is a highly-adjustable task chair that syncs your body and mind the second you sit down—for healthier levels of performance and well-being, no matter where you work.

Activity Based Working

The premise of activity based working is that the variety of tasks people perform is numerous and that these tasks are best supported by different working environments. However, despite these changes to workplace design, many of the seating options remain constrained to traditional approaches of task, meeting and visitor. An “active seating” solution is something that is able to effortlessly cross-over all of these applications and recognises that its user may change throughout the day.

Unassigned Focus Work

A touchdown area where the worker can easy connect to technology and start working without losing time by adjusting the workplace. Nia is ideal for areas designed for unassigned focus work to support medium term focus workers to complete their task while experiencing the ideal support.

Collaborative workshop areas

Flexible work environments need to support all different kinds of collaborative settings. Creative workshops, occasional audiences or just a various number of meeting participants. Bowi helps to face the requirements of a flexible and versatile workspace.

Meetings and everything else

Today's meetings can be everything from sharing presentations to interactive discussions or creative sessions. Meeting rooms need to be equipped for all those types of meetings and more. Whatever your meeting is going to be, our seating portfolio offers the ideal support.

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