By Henrik Pedersen

Toulouse is a scalable, modular system that delivers an evolving sofa landscape. The system is built around the notion of layered privacy and comprises four customisable modules, plus supplementary room dividers. All affix to a universal slim-line metal base frame for easy reconfiguration.

Toulouse Overview

The Toulouse system is built around four modules: a corner seat, single seat with backrest, ottoman and side table. The corner and single seats can be ordered with a low- or high-backrest and feature an attached rigid fabric partition. Extra on-demand privacy arrives via an additional fabric divider.

This easily reconfigurable solution is perfect for open-plan offices with or without acoustic challenges. Finish Toulouse from a choice of fabrics and leathers.

    • Flexible design: A clever functional design for lounging, a casual meeting or private work.
    • Match any aesthetic: Upholster modules from a choice of fabrics and leathers.
    • Mix colours: Order modules in different colours to create a vibrant sofa landscape.
    • Added function: Treat acoustic challenges and/or divide large spaces with Toulouse’s range of dividers.
    • Reconfigure with ease: All modules affix to a universal base frame, so reconfigure Toulouse to match changing needs.
    • Denmark


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