By Karim Rashid

Winner of the prestigious iF Design award, red dot award and two Good Design awards, the Ottawa collection is loved by the industry almost as much as office workers. The sofa system and chair deliver Karim Rashid’s signature design language, Danish functionality and a unique seating experience.

Ottawa Overview

The Ottawa sofa is a unique modular system that can be scaled and reconfigured for changing needs: cocooning privacy, spaces for interactions and more.

Cleverly designed, the Ottawa lounge table base fits right to your sofa, giving you a place to put down your laptop.

That freedom can be created from any of 10 comfortable modules: including ottomans, tri-directional and omni-directional, backless and conventional sofa modules. Each can be finished from a selection of high-quality fabrics, with one design including integrated USB charging ports.

    • Modular design: Choose from any of 10 modules, creating various way to sit and interact.
    • Match any aesthetic: Available in a choice of high-quality fabrics and colours.
    • Additional functionality: Available with optional USB charging ports.
    • Award winner: Winner of the prestigious Good Design and iF Design awards.
    • Award - iF Design
    • Award - red dot
    • Denmark


Product marketing

Ottawa product sheet