By Alain Gilles

BuzziBracks is a flexible modular system with no boundaries. Design your space according to everyday needs. Configure, reconfigure, and move the nooks to create microenvironments anywhere within open spaces for meetings, calls, focus work, or collaboration while staying connected with the outside world.

BuzziBracks Overview

Everything is possible with BuzziBracks. The dynamic, metal framework can be configured and reconfigured to create an array of microenvironments within open spaces. The curtains add an extra layer of functionality, acting as both an acoustic and visual shield.

    • Modular design with a bracket system for accessories offers application flexibility and adaptability
    • U-shaped metal frame with curtains offers visual and acoustic privacy
    • Three heights and multiple widths available
    • Combine frames with BuzziBracks accessories or other furnishings
    • Available accessories range from meeting tables and shelves to coat hooks, occupancy flags, and pinboards
    • Power management and connectivity options available
    • Netherlands

Online Configurator

Create your ideal model, tailoring the options and finishes to your tastes.