By Hushoffice Design Team

HushMeet.Open is an open acoustic office pod providing a casual space for informal meetings.

HushMeet.Open Overview

Inside, HushMeet.Open pod is filled with upholstered acoustic panels. On the one hand, its design allows direct contact with the office; on the other hand, it is separated from the surrounding space by the laminated acoustic glass. HushMeet.Open, an open acoustic pod, is perfect for less formal team meetings.

The semi-open design ensures accessibility, and users can enjoy comfortable sofas.

The booth can be moved without disassembly. Version for 4 users takes up the same area as a standard two desk workstation.

The product is also available in a version for 2 users.

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Hushoffice acoustic pods ensure that the users are cut off from any undesirable external sounds. They provide discretion and privacy. People talking and working in booths do not disturb those remaining outside. The optimal acoustic conditions of the booths were attested by an independent research centre, which conducted tests based on the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard.

Personalize your booth

Hushoffice acoustic pods have been designed to match the interior of any office space. The impressive design of internal acoustic panels, carpets, seats and tables makes it possible to personalize the booth and adjust it to the style of each company.

Ventilation and fresh air

Effective ventilation in Hushoffice acoustic booths improves well-being and increases the efficiency of the tasks performed. Rapid air exchange maximizes safety in acoustic pods and protects against the spread of germs. The ventilation system is activated by a motion sensor in the booth.