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HushFree.L is an acoustic pod as an alternative for the conference room. Created for larger formal meetings, business presentations, teamwork, workshops for 4 – 6 persons, or a relaxation room. The booth can have a table, two or four sofas, and coffee tables. Feel free to choose the configuration according to your needs and office style. With the pod reservation system's touch screen, you can guarantee that the pod is free when you need it.

HushFree.L Overview

The HushFree.L acoustic booth provides the opportunity for hybrid team meetings and business conferences, both in-person and online, for up to 4 - 6 people in comfort. The number of people inside depends on the chosen configuration. The pod allows you to spend much more time in it, ensuring high efficiency. You can personalize it yourself by designing the interior of the pod, choosing a table, coffee tables or the color of the soft seating and interior acoustic panels. The variety of options makes any pod fit any company’s style.

HushFree.L booth has integrated casters that make it easy to move and rearrange your place of work according to employee preferences and business changes without disassembly. You can design different areas in the office for working and meetings wherever you want. Feel free to design flexible office space.

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HushFree acoustic pods guarantee quiet work with an acoustic class A according to ISO 23351 – 1: 2020 standard for office acoustic booths. We have implemented new acoustic panels that help you separate from external sounds. Feel free to work during confidential conversations and individual work in focus and silence.


For the sake of the well-being of users all over the world, we have provided a more efficient ventilation system in hushFree acoustic pods. This solution helps employees be more productive by working in better conditions. The ventilation is switched on by a motion sensor, and the atmosphere level can be changed with a single touch as desired.


HushFree acoustic pods allow employees to work much longer inside because of the modern lighting system, created to give users 500 lux lighting on the desk. The light switches on by a motion sensor and you can change the lighting intensity by only one touch due to your choice.