A Case for Optimism: Design’s Essential Role in the Future of Healthcare

Sara Marberry, a healthcare and senior living design knowledge expert, and Rod Vickroy, Vertical Brand Segments Manager at Haworth, discussed design’s essential role in healthcare today—and in the future.


Designing for the Future...Now!

To celebrate 75 years of design and innovation, Haworth hosted a panel of international designers and architects who are looking toward the future.


The Economy 2023: A New Phase for the Federal Reserve

The US Federal Reserve hit pause on interest rate adjustments at its June meeting. What does this mean for inflation, the future path of interest rates, and property markets worldwide? Expert economist Dr. Marci Rossell shares her insights and a midyear outlook for the global economy.


Student Belonging: What It Is and Why It Matters

It is almost impossible to read an article or have a conversation about higher education today without the topic of student belonging coming up. Questions often arise around what it really is and how can we impact it.

In this facilitated conversation, we will hear from a panel of university experts as they share insights into why a sense of belonging is imperative for college students. Hear their thoughts around how to define it, what the research says about it, how campus environments support it, and how it impacts student success.


What’s Next in Design? with Patricia Urquiola

Renowned architect and designer Patricia Urquiola shares insights from her studio’s partnership with Haworth’s DesignLab. Curating concepts from talented emerging designers and artists, Patricia discusses what excites her about their experimental and future-focused ideas. She also talks about her passion for mentoring, and her observations for design diversity and desirability in the exploration for innovation.


Learning Happens Anywhere on Campus

Campus spaces have evolved significantly over the years. Narrow definitions of the dorm, lecture hall, dining hall, lab, and union are outdated. Today’s campus reflects a holistic view of the living and learning experience. Leaders in higher education face new challenges as they transform the traditional campus into an immersive environment where learning happens anywhere. When we view the entire campus as the classroom, we recognize that learning happens whenever and wherever people are engaged in discussions, sharing ideas, and being creative.

In this presentation, higher-education experts Meloney Linder from the University of North Dakota, Julie Parks from Grand Rapids Community College Lakeshore Campus, and Damon Gonzales from Davenport University discuss the campus as the classroom. Discover the 4 Cs of higher education campus design and how they can help schools create diverse environments that attract and retains student, faculty, and staff, as well as offer flexibility for changing needs.