Our Sustainability Policy

Making the world better is one of Haworth’s foundational, company-wide values. This philosophy guides our members every day as we work to strengthen the communities where we live and work. Through our research, development, and the actualization of creative, sustainable solutions, we help protect and restore the environment, support and strengthen global communities, create economic value, and inspire well-being—now and for the future.


Our Sustainability Vision

Haworth will be a sustainable corporation. We engage our members in more sustainable practices, we initiate and use processes that are neutral or improve our environment, and we utilize our resources in ways that create adaptable and sustainable workspace solutions for our customers. We continue to drive these activities each and every day to further our commitment in support of our global environment, economy, and communities.


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FSC® certificate codes: FSC-C002821, SCS-COC-001218
PEFC license codes: PEFC/10-31-1827, PEFC/DC-COC-000965

Our Value Stream

Haworth’s value stream exemplifies our deep commitment to people and planet. It serves to guide our actions every day, embedding a sustainable mindset across the company.

This holistic approach encompasses sustainably designed products and sourcing, the sharing of knowledge and services, continuous support and engagement of the community, and the accountability of our global operations.

Sustainable Design


We design with people and the environment in mind through sustainable material choices, engineering processes, and the avoidance of banned chemicals.

Our designers implement sustainable objectives that contribute toward certifications, such as BIFMA LEVEL®, European LEVEL, and GREENGUARD® among others. This drive toward sustainable, healthier solutions helps protect the planet and exceed client expectations.

Design Fast Fact

The Haworth Drift™ floor-standing screen was designed for sustainability with simple ingredients (mainly aluminium, cardboard, and fabric) to make it easily and fully recyclable.


Supply Chain

Through our global network of supplier partners, we engage in continuous dialogue, education and the sharing of best practices to ensure their codes of conduct include socially and ecologically responsible sourcing. Nurturing these relationships maintains integrity and transparency throughout our supply chain.

Supply Chain Fast Fact

The New Zealand wool used in our Main Line Flax includes rapidly renewable bast fibres, which can be cultivated on land often unsuitable for other crops and create diverse eco-systems where they grow.

Sustainable Supply Chain
Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Logistics

Since 2010, all Haworth manufacturing facilities globally have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. In 2012, we attained Zero Waste to Landfill status globally, and we continue to advance our waste, water usage, and energy reduction initiatives. We are also committed to green transportation by increasing resource-efficient transportation.

Manufacturing & Logistics Fast Fact

In 2018, our plant in Agueda, Portugal partnered with a local recycling company to recycle wood waste, eliminating roughly 100 tons of wood waste from incineration annually.


Usage & Performance

We strive for environmentally neutral solutions that have positive impacts on people and their well-being. Our products are designed and manufactured leveraging global knowledge and best practices, earning top certifications such as GREENGUARD, BIFMA LEVEL, European LEVEL, NF Environment, FSC®, PEFC, and GECA. They also contribute toward LEED® building certifications and the WELL Building Standard.

Usage & Performance Fast fact

Haworth was one of the first three companies to successfully achieve the European LEVEL product certifications and has earned the highest level possible from the program.

Sustainable Performance
Sustainability - Reuse

Continued & After Use

We provide product certifications, lifecycle assessments, and after-use recommendations to customers, encouraging them to choose non-landfill options for their used Haworth products. These options may include refurbishment, resale, donation, and recycling, depending on product condition and regional infrastructure.

Continued & After Use Fast Fact

Many products used at the 2018 Orgatec fair in Cologne, Germany will be reused in various showrooms in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Spain, and Dubai, or sold to our members for reuse.


People & Community

Haworth is proud of its commitment to operate as an ethical business and support the communities in which we live - all around the world. Through volunteer hours, health and safety protocols, and continuing education (including ethics and anti-corruption), we engage our members to help protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and strengthen our communities.

People & Community Fast Fact

Honeybees play an essential role in the eco-system as pollinators. When members at our Chennai plant noticed honeybees in and around the building, they partnered with Pest Control India (PCI) to devise a sustainable solution that would protect people in the plant without harming any bees. Using eco-friendly smoke, the bees are calmed, and the hive is safely removed. PCI then cleans the site and applies a layer of petroleum jelly, discouraging bees from returning and compelling them to relocate to a more suitable location where they can continue their essential role as pollinators in the eco-system.

Sustainability  People

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