BuzziNordic ST100


Designed by Staffan Thomasen

Simplicity is at the heart of Scandinavian-styled furniture for work and socialising.

The BuzziNordic ST100 range includes a three seater sofa, as well as two sizes of armchair and footstool.


BuzziNordic ST100 Armchair
BuzziNordic ST100 Wide armchair
BuzziNordic ST100 Three seater sofa
BuzziNordic ST100 Ottoman
BuzziNordic ST200
The timeless look of Scandinavian furniture gives a backstory to BuzziNordic ST100 with its vintage look. Chic solid wood finishes in traditional or primary colours, topped with fabric cushions give a residential feel to seating spaces. Its elegant yet simple design adds personality to lounge areas, lobbies, and hospitality settings. An optional ottoman or narrower footstool invites people to put their feet up.

Feels like home

Add personality to your lounge or social spaces by choosing colours that support your brand; decorate with pictures and inspirational quotes, and experiment with layered rugs. Try mixing some vintage items with BuzziNordic lounge chairs and sofas to create a "collected-over-time" designed space. Settling into BuzziNordic ST100 feels like a favourite jacket or pair of jeans. Try them on!