The Torino family by Danish designer ARDE is a collection of contemporary tables in range of sizes and features. The designs are perfect for offices, meeting rooms and more.

Torino Overview

The Torino conference table by ARDE is stunning Danish design that fits seamlessly into any office and meeting room. The monochrome look and clean lines create an elegant frame while the narrow table top gives the design a pleasing minimalist expression.

ARDE used windmill sails as inspiration for the contoured legs. The design creates the illusion of one continuous organic form and delivers outstanding stability. Torino comes in two lengths and can be ordered with integrated cable compartment.

    • Minimalist design: Striking aesthetic, creating the illusion of one single contoured design.
    • Durable materials: Legs/frame in matt black structured lacquered steel.
    • Two lengths: Available in 180 and 300cm sizes.
    • Extra functionality: Available with incorporated cable tidy tray.
    • Denmark