Designed by Andreas Struppler

Andreas Struppler designed Kiron for the needs of today and the foreseeable future. Flexibility and global appeal are the focus of this modern desk system.

Kiron bench desks with Very chairs
Kiron desks with A-leg

Transforming Your Spaces.

The simple design is equally capable of creating a single workstation, a team bench or a conference solution, and integrates as easily into tranquil managerial settings as busy offices.

Providing Solutions.

The Kiron desk offers a choice of leg styles (A-leg, Linear-leg or T-Leg) and is available in fixed height or with either manual or motor driven height adjustment. The offering includes accessories and personal storage solutions.

Kiron desk worksetting
Height adjustable Kiron desk

Adjusting to You.

Kiron grows along with its tasks. With a desktop height of up to 130cm, Kiron can be adapted to fit a wide variety of work and user requirements. The height can be comfortably modified by motor at the touch of a button, by crank, or with a rotary knob or screw.