Designed by Patricia Urquiola

Haworth's Be_Hold office storage range was designed in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola to elevate your everyday work experience.

From open shelves and cupboards to private lockers and sliding door cabinets, Be_Hold puts the core functional elements of storage into designer furniture.

Be_Hold Island in Zurich showroom
Be_Hold cabinet colours

Colourful cabinets.

Be_Hold Design is a unique organisational system available in a wide range of colours, materials and functional elements.

The finishes palette balances warm and cool colours drawn from nature, while perforated metal, fabric-wrapped backs and wood tops give functional offices an individual personality without dividing teams and cultures.

Elementary Storage

Be_Hold Element complements Be_Hold Design with a pared-down, functional range of applications.

It offers a clean, uniform aesthetic without limiting application possibilities.

Be_Hold Element

Functional filing.

Be_Hold is much more than an office cabinet. It's human-focused design allows you to structure your workplace to support different work styles, either by dividing the space for privacy, or creating a meeting table built right into the storage unit with integrated power and a top tray for creative teamwork.