crona lounge

Designed by Archirivolto

The crona lounge is a modern series consisting of a sofa and easy chair for exclusive waiting areas. It is particularly comfortable thanks to the wide lounge shell with its extra seating cushion. 

crona lounge - 4 star
crona lounge - sled base
crona lounge - 4 leg, wood
A range of models in the crona lounge range, including side table
Different height backs, and various chair sizes of the crona lounge range

With its contrasting colours along the high quality seams, crona lounge playfully brings two different worlds of material together in one creation. This is available on the armchair as well as the two seater sofa.

The high backrest adds further aesthetic appeal and brings a greater level of comfort. What's more is this enables the lounge chair to act as a room divider, effectively limiting visual lines and creating a sense of privacy within the space.

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