Designed by Michael Welsh & Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

The Very guest chair delivers international design with a smart, slender profile that celebrates its light scale and airy aesthetic.



Very seating has built-in intelligence for user comfort. The Very visitor and guest chairs provide intuitive recline, ensuring user weight is absorbed and distributed to provide natural support. Its side-to side torsional flex allows the backrest to follow the user as they move, increasing mobility and comfort when reaching sideways for objects.


With models and options to support a variety of task and collaborative needs, Very works to bring consistency throughout an organisation. Featuring chairs perfect for corner offices, conferencing, cafeterias, classrooms —and all points in between — Very can operate in a wide range of environments.



In addition to convenient storing and stacking, Very seating goes easy on the environment. The chairs are manufactured using recycled content and offer a high degree of recyclability at the end of life. They are GreenGuard certified and can contribute to LEED accreditation. The Very family supports your posture and your sustainability strategies.