crona light

Designed by Archirivolto

The unmistakeable shape and design of the crona family in a lightweight plastic chair. Two seat shell options are available on five different bases.

crona light - 4 star
crona light - 4 star, castors
crona light - 4 leg
crona light - sled base
crona light - 4 leg, wood
A vast number of crona light chairs for a large audience
Playing with colours, red legs and a blue seat on crona light wire base.

The crona light is ideal for hospitality or healthcare settings, or cafeterias. Anywhere that needs an easy to clean surface with a finish that protects from dirt and germs.

The crona light lets you play with colours on the shell and legs, and even the optional cushion. Certain bases can be stacked, increasing the versatility of this expansive range.

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