Designed by Michael Welsh & Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

The stackable wire frame Very model is ideal for temporary public event seating.

Very event seating
Stacked Very chairs

Training rooms and auditorium

The wire stacking model of the Very family can be connected with a ganging element, creating row seating for public spaces and events.

The chair has a optional writing table for training rooms, and can be stacked up to 40 on a stacking cart. (Up to 25 for upholstered & padded model)


In addition to convenient storing and stacking, Very seating goes easy on the environment. The chairs are manufactured using recycled content and offer a high degree of recyclability at the end of life. They are GreenGuard certified and can contribute to LEED accreditation. The Very family supports your posture and your sustainability strategies. 

Very chairs on grass roof

Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Row seating 56" 59" 78"