The creation of a coworking space is always a balancing act between a cleverly designed space and a co-workers community. Our customer, Headsquarter, says that “work is half of life – community the other half”. In partnership with Studio Aisslinger, the well-known German A&D firm, we help Headsquarter design an inspiring fashioned collage place for the Zürich entrepreneurial scene.


Zurich, Switzerland

Project Specs

• 2 floors
• 190 workstations

Design Firm

Studio Aisslinger

Headsquarter working landscapes combine the possibility of focusing with openness of mind, concentration with dreamy reverie. We implemented the technical design ideas of Studio Aisslinger into our products, thus creating a unique solution for Headsquarter. The place combines separate yet transparently open designed offices, co-working areas with fixed and flexible workstations and spacious, excitingly fashioned communal areas to create more than just an attractive workplace. 

The analog world with all its haptic qualities and inspiring views works nicely with most advanced digital technologies. The workplace itself turns into a source of stimulating experience.
This project exemplifies the symbiosis of series production and uniqueness, thanks to furniture technology and design implementation. 

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