Case Study Toy Manufacturer

A Toy Brand‘s Office Calls for More Personalization

Toys are - for those who manufacture them - sources of intellectual enlightenment that help children and adults unleash their imagination and creativity. Likewise, the place where the toy manufacturers work shall enable the full potential for them to showcase their innovative thinking through collaboration and dedication. The office is not just a workplace, but a confluence where ideas bump into each other and spatial designs burst out fresh creativity. In this office refurbishment project, Haworth was honored to work with clients to put creative ideas into practice to promote physical and mental wellbeing and sustainable development.


Shanghai, China

Project Specs

Storeys: 2 floors
Project area: 2000 sq. metre
Meeting room

Even employees of a toy manufacturer need to spend a lot of time working in front of computer screens each day. However, being sedentary is one of the culprits for physical aches and pains. Therefore, encouraging employees to switch between sitting and standing modes has become the primary requirement of clients for furniture configuration at the workstation. Besides, given the client’s expectations for the overall aesthetic design, Haworth has customized the HAT Elements electric height-adjustable desk system for the workstation and rounded off folding screens and desktop corners to enhance visual aesthetics and details.

The new-generation ergonomic Fern Chair from Haworth has become the benchmark chair at the workstation. The streamlined back design provides total back support and responds to every movement of the user. With Fern, employees can keep concentrating on work without being distracted by any physical discomfort despite a long duration of sitting. 

Besides, we have introduced the newly launched environmental-friendly Oceanic fabrics into the furniture design. In our communication with the client, we share the same commitment to sustainable development and make joint efforts to protect our planet. The Oceanic-series fabric is made of recycled plastics from the ocean and other discarded plastic bottles on land, which are processed into yarn and then woven into fabrics.

Every four meters of Oceanic fabric consume one kilogram of marine debris, and one foot of fibre is equivalent to twenty-six plastic bottles. We strongly believe that employees will improve their consumption habits and environmental consciousness when they become aware of the green concepts inherited by the furniture they use.

Several Framery Phone booths are placed in the office, allowing the employees to make personal calls. Zero disturbance is guaranteed.

As the current pandemic prompts the growth of remote technologies, we made all efforts to facilitate our exchanges with our customer, and we provided high-end furniture to help him achieve his goals.

“In this project, Haworth met our requirements in terms of delivery time and customisation, as well as our expectation to provide employees with furniture that is both physically and mentally appealing, and our desire to use sustainable materials in the furniture. We had many positive comments from our employees about the HAT Elements desk and the ergonomic Fern Chair. We are pleased to have chosen Haworth as our partner”.

We believe that the future will see more and more companies demanding sustainable furniture and creating for their employees an office space brimmed with vitality, creativity, motivation and sustainable development capacities.

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