By Haworth Design Studio & bangdesign

Designed by Haworth Design Studio and bangdesign to accommodate ever-changing workstyles, all over the globe. Intuity desks enable you to make the most of your space through a kit of parts that can be easily reconfigured.

Intuity Overview

A dynamic solution
Modern workspaces need to accommodate fluid work styles while offering quick access to every day essentials.

Intuity worktools is a suite of accessories, giving you the ability to tailor to your tools to the unique needs of every individual.

A global solution.
Intuity desking symbolises a new approach to office furniture based on using integrated components to create unique workspaces that span the entire floorplate.

Intuity workstations create a dynamic workplace environment by providing a seemingly endless range of configuration possibilities.


Work anywhere, anytime.

Technology has enabled people to work anywhere, anytime, requiring organizations to seek flexible, adaptable workspace solutions that accommodate mobile workers. People who work in a variety of locations during the day choose environments that best accommodate their needs, like touchdown spaces where they can recharge devices and connect with colleagues.

Space-Saving Efficiency

Easy to specify and install, Intuity consists of a modular kit of parts, providing options to help optimize space and adapt with efficiency, so you can make changes and get back to business quickly. Active Components provides storage solutions for maximum space utilization.

Collaborate and Innovate

Ideal for maintaining a crucial balance of collaboration and individual work in smaller footprints, Intuity provides options to meet the unique needs of each person and team. With Intuity, you can design dynamic environments that encourage performance, while helping to support a culture that’s open to embracing new ideas.

Online Configurator

Create your ideal model, tailoring the options and finishes to your tastes.