By Haworth Design Studio & brodbeck design

Freestanding partitions from the Drift range. Increase privacy and focus without limiting flexibility and agile working.

Drift overview

Workplace screens represent an ideal solution; they are simple and quick to integrate, do not require any complex building procedures, and are open to individual configuration and sustained adaptation. Drift 32 screens support personal identity and unique ways of work, all in a more inspiring atmosphere and are compatible with current Haworth desk offering such as Tibas, T_up, YourPlace and Lyft. With different brackets, the screens can be positioned behind, flush or centred above the table top according to individual requirements.

Drift partitions can be used to create private spaces, to hide less aesthetic office elements, or to enclose a collaborative setting in acoustic screens. The screens can be configured as a straight wall, or connected at 90 or 120 degree angles.

Featuring a clean profile and offered in a variety of expressive colours, Drift adds a distinctly residential touch to traditional workspaces with the added benefit of increasing noise absorption in an open office plan. Four types of base offer great stability.

The multifunctional variant of Drift offers the ability to mount shelves or monitor holders on the partition, and offers cable outlets or sockets for power, USB or HDMI.

The design style is the same as the standard or acoustic model, but the filling is different, allowing cables to be run inside the partition.

The connectors are in pre-defined positions, which allows standard width shelving to run across multiple screens.

    • Slim, functional groove with no visible frame
    • creen rail offers a range of accessories that allow users to personalise their space while maintaining a clear desk
    • Available in a range of premium fabrics and colours
    • Fabric covered MDF Upholstery Screen
    • European Colour Collection
    • Certificate - Indoor Advantage Gold


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