The Acoustic Landscape 

Acoustics is an integral element of space planning and design—because sound has a dramatic impact on privacy, focus, and user experience. A thoughtful approach to office acoustics can lead to a higher performing, more engaged workforce. Learn more about optimizing acoustics with insights, trends, applications, and solutions.  

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Acoustic Design Guide

Discover the trends, insights, applications, and solutions for creating a landscape of acoustically balanced spaces.

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Invisible Design for Performance

Office acoustics are a key driver of job satisfaction. Providing a variety of workspaces with well-designed acoustics allows for proper levels of speech privacy. Learn more about the importance of speech privacy, and discover how to hone the ABCDs of effective acoustical design.


Acoustical Design: Room vs. Building

Understanding the difference between room and building acoustics is the first step in addressing workplace sound and privacy concerns. Learn more about the distinction, as well as how to identify solutions that align the right materials to the right space.


Biophilic Soundscaping for Better Performance

Sound masking is used to reduce distractions at work caused by ambient noise, like nearby conversations. Unlike traditional “white noise,” biophilic soundscaping mimics nature’s sounds. Learn more about using biophilic sounds to support employee productivity and privacy, particularly in open offices.


Improve Focus without an Office Redesign

Open office floorplans were developed to enhance collaboration and innovation, but can also result in visual and acoustical privacy challenges. Discover how curated furniture pieces can address these challenges, so you can improve the office without calling an architect.

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Reinventing Space for the Future of Work 

Coretrust Capital Partners, a real estate investment firm, wanted to creatively illustrate from their clients’ perspectives—how modern companies and industries could reinvent workspaces to attract talent and optimize space for collaboration. By creating two Workplace Innovation Labs, clients are able to see what the future of work could look, feel, sound, and even smell like, in ways they’ve never experienced before.  

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