AIA Course #: HAW617 – HSW
Art & Architecture
IDCEC Course #: 110710 – HSW
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design/9. Programming & Planning

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Course Description

Bring your A-game to this interactive and engaging course. Using the regarded Competing Values Framework, you will participate in a gaming simulation to help you learn about organizational culture types. Organizational culture is the personality of a company that contributes to a company’s sense of order, continuity, and community.

This 1-hour course explores how to leverage organizational culture when designing collaborative work environments.

Learning Objectives

  • Define organizational culture.
  • Understand the types of organizational cultures that exist and how they differ.
  • Demonstrate how organizational culture can inform the design of the workplace.
  • Communicate how organizational culture influences collaboration tendencies.
  • Understand how the physical attributes of the space support organizational culture and collaboration preferences.