AIACourse #: HAW592
IDCEC Course #: CC-107214
Subject Code: 8. Business & Professional Practice/ 8. Oral Communication Skills

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Course Description:

This session focuses on the wide scope of personal interactions required to maintain a professional relationship with a client or prospect. To best navigate the roads of communication and meetings in an ever-diversifying workplace, this course aims to help learners understand their personal leadership brand. This leadership brand is defined by each individuals’strengths and the value that they add to a team and organization.

Course Objectives:

Define Personal Leadership Brand
Identify steps to develop your personal leadership brand
Make a first great impression
Use communication to your advantage
Host effective meetings
Maximize relationships with your diverse network

Course Outline: Define Personal Leadership Brand

  1. Assess personal leadership brand through exercises
  2. Develop personal leadership brand through:
    1. First Impressions and Lasting Connections
      1. Networking Discussion
    2. Leveraging Communication and Social Media
    3. Hosting Effective Meetings
      1. Meetings Discussion
    4. Maximizing Diverse Network
  3. Authenticity and Leadership
  4. Conclusion | Questions and answers