Haworth Atwell and Buzzi Poufs in a healthcare waiting area

Haworth Health partners with health systems professionals to enhance well-being for the patients and communities they serve. As a healthcare furniture manufacturer, we create transformative spaces, from Work Space to Care Space—in high-rise headquarters of major city centers, medical center campuses, and out-patient facilities near the places where people live and work.  Haworth’s understanding of the complex health system business is demonstrated through our unique approach to healthcare furniture.

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Welcome to Haworth Health’s Design and Trend Viewpoint

Learn our forward-thinking viewpoint and how to create elevated user experiences. Explore variety and choice through our conceptual design of a healthcare facility. Discover how healthcare is redefining the patient journey through future trends.

Healthcare professionals and caregivers using Haworth chairs, tables and desks in a healthcare pavilion

No Issue Is Too Small

When it comes to healthcare, it all matters. Each of the key areas in a healthcare setting is essential for success, and finding the right healthcare furniture for those spaces is crucial to support caregivers and help patients feel comfortable. These spaces include patient areas, caregiver spaces, community spaces, and administrative support areas.

Work Space

Haworth Health offers world-class transformative Work Space solutions that align people with space for innovation to happen. The new landscape of healthcare service requires spaces that nurture culture, support the advancement of ideas, and enable teams to do their best work.

Care Space

Transformative Care Space solutions provide user experiences that engage patients, empower caregivers, and foster community, positioning a health system to be a brand of choice.

Engage Patients

These are the spaces at the point of care—patient rooms, exam rooms, and treatment spaces such as infusion or recovery areas. With very specific needs for patients as well as the healthcare process, these spaces require cleanability and disinfecting. Furniture with high-performance textiles that withstand the rigorous requirements of healthcare facilities are expected. 


Empower Caregivers

These spaces offer a place for efficient patient care, nurses’ stations, team spaces, exam rooms, lounge or break rooms—where caregivers do their best work and restore from it. Product application varies depending on the type of space, as each requires a different level of cleanability. The closer the space is to patient care, the higher the level of disinfection required.


Foster Community

These areas are where patients, family, and friends spend time while waiting for care or for their loved one. Many amenities are offered to encourage relaxation, offer privacy, support work, or provide a bite to eat. From lobbies to outdoor spaces, cafés, and registration areas, a variety of furnishings work together to create an environment to nurture people in times of need.


Design Spaces That Reach Beyond Traditional Healthcare Settings

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