AIA Course #: HAW814
IDCEC Course #: 107481
Subject Code:1. Theory & Creativity / 4. Psychology
Designation: IDCEC: HSW; AIA: LU

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Course Description: 

It seems two very different behaviors optimize creative thinking for innovation processes: high-focus work and restorative activities. We need to experience these on our own as well as with others. If we never rest, can’t focus, or don't work with each other, we miss out on finding new ideas and fail to execute them. Organizations that value and design workplaces supporting all of these activities can improve their innovation efforts simply by having more ideas to consider. Explore the growing evidence that supports this and how space design can cultivate the creativity necessary to spark innovation.

Course Objectives:

Content Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Define Creativity & Innovation
  3. Creative Cognition – the Brain Science behind Creativity
  4. Design Approaches for Fostering Creativity
  5. Questions & Discussion