AIA Course #: HAW611 - HSW
Project Planning & Design, Building Design
IDCEC Course #: 109496 - HSW
Subject Code: 3. Interior Design Education/1. Instruction

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Course Description

The human body calls for a connection to nature and all of the health infusing, mood-boosting benefits it offers. Unfortunately, people tend to spend most of their waking hours indoors—at the office, in the car commuting, and at home catching up on email or project overflow that wasn’t accomplished at the office. Since “the office” is becoming the place we spend our days—and sometimes even our nights—it is becoming incredibly important to design workspaces that promote happiness, health, and productivity.

This 1-hour course educates participants on how to incorporate biophilic design in workspaces and why people need a strong connection to nature at work, the benefits of making these connections through purposeful design, and the tools architects and designers can use in both practical and inspirational ways.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the strong connection the human body has to nature and the implications that too much time spent working indoors has on human health and wellness.
  • Explore the strategies and benefits of bringing natural elements indoors to create healthy, inspiring, and productive interior work environments.
  • Examine the need to bring the indoors outside, looking at solutions for exterior workspaces that are natural, inspiring, practical, and productive.
  • Define the future of the biophilic-inspired office in terms of products and spaces.