Case Study Journey of the Workplace Spectrum

The journey of workplace design can be conceptually visualised as a spectrum. Each organisation varies in their interpretation and adoption of the different ways of working, creating spaces that supports their unique business aspirations, organisation profile, culture and workplace dynamics. Haworth has outlined the categories on the spectrum as marker to understand the differences and their effect on workspace design. Understanding that each organisation may not be a complete representation we have added further detail to celebrate the uniqueness in each one, highlighting the complexity and the beauty in each organisation’s journey. Each case study gives insight to the challenges and the solutions used to work towards achieving workplace goals.

“Moving to implement the agile approach at scale in our business is an important evolution in how we run ANZ which will allow us to respond much more quickly to customer needs, create higher staff engagement and make further improvements in efficiency.” - Shayne Elliott CEO ANZ Bank .

Workspace Spectrum

CaseStudy 1

Challenge: Coming from a traditional work setting of partition cubicles the client challenged themselves to understand the needs of the business and strived to move forward towards a more open plan to encourage collaboration and innovation. Haworth, through client engagements, conceived the best solution to create a balance between the IT requirements of an R&D center and the aspiration to allow movement in the space and create a more encouraging flow towards informal meetings and sit-downs.

Solution: The resulting space of 500 workstations across two floors reflected a sense of confirmation as the combined workstation, managerial and conference setup was augmented by collaborative and team spaces. These different work settings help the clients to engage without being in the context of a meeting space and thus further helped the organisation meet frequently and solve problems quicker than before.

CaseStudy 2 
GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANY, Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore & Hong Kong

Assigned, Open Plan with additional Collaborative

Challenge: This company aspired to create an open concept work area that encourages flexibility in work style.

Solution: For their office in Asia Pacific, creating a collaborative office that reflected the culture of the company was highly important - in addition to flexible furniture solutions to help teams reconfigure as needed, recreational activities are strategically placed around common areas to encourage interaction between employees.

CaseStudy 3 

Unassigned, Open Desk, Enclosed rooms for Acoustic Privacy with Additional Collaborative

Challenge: The building is designed according to the company’s Workplace Innovation standard which encompasses open zones, collaborative areas, focus rooms, phone booths, touchdown tables, break out areas, silent work areas and meeting rooms. These work settings are specifically chosen in order to cater to different needs and situations.

Solution: The furniture was chosen to offer a beautiful reflection of the client’s workplace standard to balance the various environments.


Challenge: Innovation and working together were one of the primary drivers when they abandoned enclosed, private offices for more flexible work zones. Having a requirement for people to move and work at their desks, in armchairs or soft seating areas or one of the many meeting rooms and collaborative zones.

Solution: With a vision to offer an innovative space for employees and customers, Haworth filled the space with natural daylight with the ability to fit in full-size trees in the interior. The natural elements provided indoors completely complemented the scenic views in the Koregaon area in pune.

Case Study 5  FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, Sydney, Australia

Challenge: Haworth managed all aspects of furniture supply and installation including non-Haworth items (Managed Sourcing) - 10,000 items of furniture from 26 suppliers in total to fulfill the Activity-Based Working (ABW) model.

Solution: Drawing on the latest technology, the workspace is wireless and mobile – allowing the creation of collaborative, concentrative and contiguous working groups in innovative, vibrant settings that challenge the conservatism prevalent in most financial institutions. Bold colours, industrial finishes, street graphics and lighting are used to create diverse work environments, while the jelly-bean desking module, created in partnership with Haworth, fluidly connects the user groups across a large floorplate. Haworth offered single source procurement, customised product solutions and proactive account management and is now partnering with this major client globally.


Each business has unique needs. By understanding where you are on the spectrum currently and where you would like to evolve to, along with understanding your business drivers and unique way of working we can help to find you the best solution to your workplace challenge.

Through our categorical approach to collaborative furniture and inclusion of analytics for data driven decision making Haworth can provide solutions that are the best fit to your needs.