Case Study SimCorp

SimCorp provides integrated, best-in-class, multi-asset investment management solutions to the world’s leading asset managers, fund managers, asset servicers, pension and insurance firms, wealth managers, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and treasury. Their range of managed services and suite of technology products provide a powerful and complete solution to support the entire investment life cycle, helping clients stay ahead of ever-changing demands. Headquartered in Denmark, SimCorp has offices in major cities around the globe, including in New York.


New York, New York

Project Specs

Financial Technology
Building Size: 13,700 sq. ft.
29th Floor
Occupants: 85+

Design Firm

TPG Architecture

Dealer Partner

Millennium Office Solutions

Spaces to Support a Dynamic Culture and Mobile Workforce

Many SimCorp employees spend most of their days at client sites. Time spent in the office is a precious opportunity to connect and collaborate in-person with coworkers. In their New York location, open spaces encourage team connections and facilitate large meetings. Conference rooms and huddle spaces are available for focus work as well as confidential conversations. Employees head to the café for refreshment and impromptu conversations, while respite areas offer space for rejuvenation. Technology keeps everyone connected no matter where they work—at the office, on location, or from home.

Supporting Well-Being and Productivity

Features throughout SimCorp’s New York office reflect the company’s commitment to physical and mental well-being. Workstations promote good back support and alignment with ergonomic chairs. Height-adjustable desks encourage people to change postures throughout the day, and dual monitors reduce eyestrain. Expansive windows and interior glass walls allow natural light to fill the entire office, giving workers a mood-boosting connection to the outdoors as well as views of the city. A touchless system for water was also added to help workers stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.

Equipped for Productivity at Home

While SimCorp has long operated with a work-from-anywhere mindset—using a hybrid model of working from the office, home, and third places (often client sites)—the COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportunity to help all employees make their home workspaces as comfortable and productive as possible. The company established a purchase program allowing workers to select height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs from Haworth for their home setups. Employees found that the products increased their comfort and productivity and made it easier for them to focus.

“Our main goal was to create an office space that was welcoming to people, even if you weren't here every day. It was really important for us to create a dynamic kind of culture with a lot of flexible working space, team rooms, and meeting rooms. And I'd say we did that successfully with the help of our architects and Haworth.”

James Corrigan

Executive Vice President, SimCorp