Case Study IAC

IAC is a leading Internet company with more than 50 well-recognized brands including,, Vimeo, and The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company.


New York, New York

Design Firm

Gehry Partners, LLC – Washington, DC, Studios Architecture – New York, NY

Dealer Partner

Workwell Partners – New York, NY

A need for space

Internet giant IAC needed to accommodate employees from a recent merger. However, its stunning, Frank Gehry-designed headquarters presented unique challenges. New approaches to space planning provided the answer, including comfortably increasing worker capacity by 20 percent.


Accommodating a merger

When IAC’s subsidiary, The Daily Beast, merged with Newsweek in early 2011, the two companies were combined within IAC’s 10-story headquarters in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. To make room for additional employees and an on-camera studio, the space would have to be re-imagined for the first time since it was built in 2007.

Inside and out, the building expresses the high value IAC places on creativity and collaboration, and the renovation would further underscore that culture. At the same time, given the reality of the global economic environment, IAC wanted to be conservative in its scope - utilizing as much of its previous investment in furniture and finishes as possible. 

Haworth joined the IAC renovation project team early in the process, before a design firm or construction company had even been selected, to help outline budgets and needs. At the time, Reside™ Desking was still in development, but it was clear that IAC could benefit from an innovative benching solution.

Not only would it support the company’s collaborative nature, this approach would maximize the building’s unusual floorplates.

Haworth worked closely with IAC, the design team, and the local dealer to create mockups, answer questions, and ensure that all requirements were met. What’s more, Haworth customized fabrics and finishes to ensure visual alignment with existing products. 

Incorporating a benching application increased the floor’s capacity by nearly 100 employees, or 20 percent. To balance the greater number of users and reduced privacy, the design team developed additional team, private, and kitchen areas to ensure that employees can regroup and recharge throughout the day.

The group has a cohesiveness that didn't exist before. There are now areas throughout the building that allow employees to get away for an impromptu meeting, quiet time, or a much-needed snack.

Customer profile

IAC is a leading Internet company with more than 50 well recognized brands including,, Vimeo, and The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company. The network receives nearly one billion monthly visits, reaching more than 245 million visitors in over 30 countries.