Case Study Ash Brokerage

Ash Brokerage is the nation’s largest independently owned insurance brokerage firm, providing services to customers in the US since 1971.

Working with financial professionals, Ash Brokerage leverages its relationships with more than 80 top-rated carriers to find the product that best fits clients’ needs. A family-owned company, Ash Brokerage had experienced so much growth that it comprised two separate facilities to accommodate its people. But this approach didn’t reflect the culture the CEO was striving to achieve. His vision mirrored the firm’s drive to focus on doing what’s right for clients to make a difference in their lives. The new space would be engaging and inspiring for employees to unlock their potential and serve clients to the best of their ability.


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Project Specs

65,000 sq. ft.
3 Floors
Open Plan

Design Firm

MSKTD & Associates, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN

Dealer Partner

Interphase Interiors Grand Rapids, MI

While CEO Tim Ash was envisioning a new headquarters project, he had a chance meeting with architecture firm MSKTD and consequently visited our corporate headquarters.

The outcome was an engaging session with one of our workplace strategists to assess the firm’s organizational culture using our LENS™ Assessment Toolset. Tim realized the space is about the holistic solution—both architecture and the furniture—and how it supports a dedicated workforce.

"We made this choice to unlock the potential in people so our clients are better served because of the environment our people are in" -Tim Ash,CEO,Ash Brokerage

With so much emphasis on people, it’s not surprising that employees contributed to the space design by providing feedback. This input drove several design elements, including a variety of spaces for meetings and privacy, as well as brainstorming, training, and corporate events. There are coffee bars and even a ping-pong table. The workspace is an open-plan concept with a vibrant color palette to create energy among employees. And, there is a lot of natural light with windows overlooking Fort Wayne to benefit their well-being.

Investing in People

One main goal of the project was to bring people together from two separate locations. Now, all employees are located in one building among three floors. As part of our post-occupancy LENS assessment, they provided feedback nine months after occupying their new space. The result? Ash Brokerage employees are more satisfied than in their previous space. They especially rated the physical environment highly, noting that they have more personal control over their space and a more effective, flexible work environment overall. The greatest improvement, though, was their perception of the ambient environment. The building was designed so each employee’s workstation is within 50 feet of a window— and they love it.

Lots of Smiles

In the words of CEO Tim Ash, “There’s not been a day since we moved in that there hasn’t been a positive comment or someone on our team who isn’t grateful for the environment and the experience it’s created.” Ash Brokerage employees are smiling. Tim credits the design, the furniture, and the natural light. The new space is bringing out the best in people, enabling them to serve their clients even better.