You spend a lot of time sitting at work. Doesn’t it make sense that your office chair should provide you with the personalized comfort and support you need, so you can get down to business?

With over three decades of knowledge and research, we understand sitting and how to support people at work. Our commitment to your comfort and the science of sitting is grounded in our history of strong global design, engineering, and manufacturing—and our ergonomic expertise. Since 2004, we’ve partnered with the Human Performance Institute at Western Michigan University to generate more than 5.5 billion pressure mapping data points. We use this scientific data to design and engineer chairs that deliver comfort and ergonomic support for as many people as possible.

Haworth seating is science-based design for your body—to support you, no matter who you are or where you work.

Learn more in our ergonomic seating guide.


Why is Ergonomics Important?

We spend over half our waking hours working—and we do most of that work sitting down. That makes your chair perhaps the single most important component of a healthy working environment. Choosing one with proper ergonomic support keeps you comfortable, productive, and promotes well-being. A well-designed work environment with supportive seating helps reduce days lost to injuries and illness, and more. Physically, using an ergonomic chair for prolonged seated work has been proven to decrease the risk of injuries in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and legs. Good ergonomic seating also enables concentration, by minimizing the distractions and related stress that stem from being uncomfortable. That way you can stay focused, engaged, and productive at work.

High-Performance Seating

Our chairs are designed to provide you with the ergonomic comfort and options you need to focus and get into the flow for peak performance. Through global design and development partnerships, our task chairs accommodate a range of budgets and body sizes around the world.

Green Fern office chair

Fern—The pinnacle of performance

Experience total back support and edgeless comfort. Fern’s innovative design envelops your body and actively flexes to respond to your every movement through the Wave Suspension System®. As you change position, Fern works with you, not against you, so you can stay focused all day. There’s no hard outer frame—just soft, pliable edges to enhance the feeling that Fern was made just for you.

Blue and gray zody office chair

Zody—Proven performance and comfort

Zody uses science to blend well-being and inspired global design. Advanced ergonomic features and intuitive adjustments let you tune Zody to your ideal comfort level, so you’ll never feel like you’re sitting in someone else’s chair. The Pelvic and Asymmetrical Lumbar® (PAL) adjusts on either side of your lower back to cradle your body and provide superior support.

light blue very office chair

Very—Family of seating that unites people and spaces

With the Very family, there’s a chair for everyone. The responsive design and high ergonomic performance make Very a versatile choice for an array of seated tasks. Very task chair’s intuitive lumbar support with patented asymmetrical control provide individualized comfort for any body. Breathable knit or mesh enhance comfort and support for a range of body types.

picture of blue soji office chair

Soji—Thoughtful design and informed ergonomics

From the second you sit down, Soji brings your body and mind into sync. Soji is a highly-adjustable task chair with more ergonomic options than most in its class, so you can enjoy healthier levels of performance. With Soji, you’ll experience effortless comfort without having to sacrifice design.

Design Your Own

Customize and view any of our premium ergonomic task chairs with the materials, colors, patterns, and options you choose.


It’s All About People

Ergonomics is a complex science, but it’s really all about people. When your body is physically supported in the right way at work, it provides benefits for your overall well-being—positively impacting everything from physical health and work performance to happiness, engagement, and job satisfaction. That’s why we’ve put over 30 years of ergonomic research and expertise into the design and engineering of our task chairs.

Learn more in our ergonomic seating guide.