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The NeoCon 2016 showroom encompasses a wide variety of spaces to facilitate a range of work activities for individuals and groups

HOLLAND, MI - June 9, 2016 – Spaces that satisfy physical, cognitive and emotional needs optimize human experience and engage people. When a space can represent the intersection of this triad people thrive. This is what Haworth calls “wholeness” and the company has found that people crave this harmony in their workspaces. Haworth will demonstrate these principles next week with a NeoCon 2016 showroom that encompasses a wide variety of spaces to facilitate a range of work activities for individuals and groups.

Drawing inspiration from architectural elements that create a sense of community within a space, designer Patricia Urquiola created a fully supported environment. The showroom is a mix of legible spaces that are easy to navigate and enable social interaction.   Haworth’s inspiration, together with Studio Urquiola, interprets a community featuring places to: create with artisans’ hand crafting iconic furniture; gather through virtual and physical interaction space; and work where heads down and collaborative activities are supported.

New products featured in the Haworth NeoCon showroom include:

  • Fern – This revolutionary new task chair is in tune with every movement and key to a more healthful sitting experience. Showroom visitors will hear about the design story and explore artifacts from the research and development process.
  • Immerse – Creating a landscape of varied surfaces to support the temporality of meetings, the Immerse table enables work by offering a micro atmosphere that can support groups or the individual; standing or sitting.
  • New textiles and material – With a new textile collection, Patricia Urquiola for Haworth, the company is launching new accent fabrics, paints, laminates and stains that work beautifully together, providing a warmer and more collaborative feel to the changing workspace.
  • Haworth Collection – Continuing the tradition of featuring designers from around the world, the collection will add 20 new products from Cassina, Cappellini and Poltrona Frau. Haworth will also announce 2 new partnerships to broaden our lighting offering and introduce rugs into the collection.
  • Wood Flooring System – Wood planks with magnetic backs easily apply to Haworth’s raised access floors, allowing for unrestricted access to underfloor utilities and easy reconfiguration.

The showroom also includes Openest, Compose, Beside and Integrated Palette enhancements that provide additional variety and choice for storage, organization, privacy, power and data.

The permanent Haworth Health Environments showroom is located just around the corner from the Haworth showroom on the third floor of the Mart.  The space demonstrates a holistic and human-centered design approach that fosters well-being for patients, families, caregivers and corporate employees who make wellness a priority.


Globally, Haworth improves workplaces with award-winning furniture, interior architecture and technology solutions to help customers achieve business goals and transform culture, as well as support collaboration and innovation.  Research + design drive a deep understanding of agile workplace needs and are at the center of the company’s strategy.  Haworth is committed to protecting and restoring the environment, creating economic value as well as supporting and strengthening its communities.  Founded in 1948, Haworth remains family-owned and privately-held serving markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 650 dealers and over 6,000 employees. The company had net sales of USD $1.82 billion in 2015.