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Following the success of its pilot manufacturing facility in Chennai, Haworth officially announced the purchase of land in Sri Perumbudur to build its newest manufacturing facility.

HOLLAND, MI - June 20, 2013 - Following the success of its pilot manufacturing facility in Chennai, Haworth Inc. has officially announced the purchase of land in Sri Perumbudur where the company plans to build its newest manufacturing facility.  The wholly-owned factory will produce an expanded range of seating and workstations in a move that is intended to reinforce the company’s commitment to India and support its growth strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

Haworth has a long history in India where the company first opened its doors to the market in 1997.  This was followed in 2005 by the establishment of a seating-focused manufacturing facility in Pune.  In 2011, Haworth then began to produce workstations in a leased facility in the Chennai area. With the announcement today, Haworth will consolidate all production facilities into the new Sri Perumbudur location as of June 2014 to better service the national market. 

In addition to offering Haworth’s core portfolio of office furniture, the new Chennai facility will also produce Haworth’s recently introduced Lively seating range and Infinity– the company’s newly-appointed global workspace platform.

Frank Rexach, Haworth’s VP and General Manager of Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, describes the impetus for Haworth’s decision to relocate and expand manufacturing operations in Chennai:  “India is one of the fastest growing countries for Haworth in the Asia Pacific region. It offers numerous business opportunities given the growing presence of our global customers in addition to the interest in the national market to investing in the latest workspace solutions. The opening of this new facility will elevate our capabilities across India as well as enable us to better support neighbouring markets.”

In addition to building this new facility, Haworth has plans to establish a product development team to support the research and creation of new product solutions for this strategic market as well as contributing to the global portfolio strategy of the company. This investment in capital and resources represents a significant milestone for Haworth and for India. “Our expanded footprint in India will enable Haworth to not only continue to offer the best in quality products and enhanced services for our clients, but also to leverage Indian talent to further our global innovation objectives,” says Rexach. “By managing the entire process, from research and development, to manufacturing, to supporting our clients with after market services, we are able to achieve true sustainability as we can close the loop in extending the life of our quality products and creating work environments that continue to evolve as our clients needs change.” 

About Haworth Inc.

Haworth is focused on creating products for agile work environments that provide functionality and value, today and tomorrow, by adapting and evolving to performance needs again and again. Research + design, at the centre of our development strategy, drives deep understanding of workplace needs to communicate, visualise, organise and strategise. Haworth’s own success is rooted in a culture that embraces innovation, creation, collaboration and a commitment to clients worldwide to translate physical environments into real-life business goals. 

Around the world, Haworth improves workplaces with solutions that transform culture, promote collaboration and innovation, and address cost and energy efficiencies. Family and privately owned since 1948, Haworth serves markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 600 dealers. The company had net sales of US $1.31 billion in 2012.