Point of View

We balance performance and desire in everything we do—from individual solutions to the total environment. While we don’t believe we have all the answers, our experience, combined with the understanding of others—informed by connections between art, science, technology, and culture—offers the greatest potential for products and spaces.

View outside of One Haworth Center with large metal circular sculpture.

Design Centers

Our Design Centers are located in Italy, Germany, China, and the US. We scout internationally for talent and partner with today’s architects and designers to bring clients fresh ideas and the best possible products and solutions.

Collaborative space with planes conference table and poppy guest chair..


Drawing from resources and knowledge around the world, the Haworth Design Studio collaborates with research and development partners to identify, develop, and launch new and breakthrough innovations. The team focuses on creating multi-generational solutions and global platforms designed to fit and respect local culture and traditions.

Lounge space featuring Archibald lounge chair.


Our Italian design studios—home of several leading international designers—are known for classic, high-end materials as well as fresh, functional furniture with a design edge. From iconic pieces to innovative solutions, these studios represent more than 100 years of design heritage.

Zody and Fern in front of a BuzziBracks.


Known for products that optimize functionality and user experience, this studio develops solutions meeting the highest ergonomic standards in the world. Through partnerships with local designers, a balance of creativity and technical expertise is embedded in every design.

Individual workspace with Very computer chair.


Drawing from local resources and knowledge, these studio solutions accommodate different tasks and behaviors of changing workforces within dynamic markets. Local design partners collaborate to provide fresh solutions that fulfill needs and significantly improve what already exists.


Drawing from the best ideas and knowledge around the world.