Bandas Modules

Designed by Patricia Urquiola

Bandas poufs and chaise longues offer a new take on modularity, especially when combined with Bandas rugs.

Bandas Space pouf
Bandas Space seat
Bandas chaise longue
Bandas soft seating flowing into Bandas Space rugs
Bandas seating with runner carpets

Bandas soft seating can be combined to create entire lounge areas, mixing the chaise longue and cushioned seat with a backrest to build your own sofa. The backless pouf doubles as an ottoman.

The modules can be reconfigured as often as you like to create inviting alternative work spaces or relaxing social spots.

All Bandas Space pieces are handcrafted, so each one is unique as the person who creates it.

Durable, yet soft and beautiful, the textured materials evoke a rich warmth. Pair these seating elements with Bandas rugs, and furniture appears to flow right onto the floor.

Bandas seating with runner rugs