Case Study A Leading Automobile Company

Since its entry in India in 1995, our client has invested more than US$ 2 billion to expand its manufacturing facilities and sales & service footprint to meet the demand in one of the world’s fastest-growing auto markets. When it moved to a new campus, the client asked Haworth to design and execute a Pilot Space with 16 fixed and six height-adjustable workstations, three meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. We completed the interior project – the first of its kind for us in Asia Pacific – in just 55 days.


Chennai, India

In collaborative spaces, Matzform Sushi lounges and Chick Poufs are mixed with Very and Orbit side tables for an elegant yet comfortable look and feel while team members exchange great ideas. An ensemble of Openest lounge furniture and private workspaces create warm, inviting spaces to gather, share ideas, focus on a task or simply relax.

Luxxbox Podia configurations make finding a separate space for collaborative work easy. Conference and meeting spaces feature Very conference chairs and stools matched with an Audience table for stylish face-to-face conversations and presentations.

Our client’s innovative Pilot Space has delivered many business benefits, including the ability to accommodate more employees in a single floorplate, better access to collaborative spaces and increased creativity.