Introducing CoDesigner

CoDesigner allows you to iterate multiple scenarios for your office space in minutes with parameters including headcount, sharing ratios, furniture setting applications, workstation patterns, department and facility adjacencies and much more.

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Multiple use cases to save time and accelerate space planning

CoDesigner concept planning

Concept planning

Customise individual commercial design parameters, stacking and floorplate mix to align with your organisational goals, culture, workplace standards, workstyle habits and collaborative preferences.

CoDesigner scenarios

Visualise scenarios

Visualise a variety of layout scenarios; assigned desking, activity based working, head count adjustment. Increase your projects speed and productivity, engage stakeholders and make data based decisions.

CoDesigner customised services

Customised services

Accelerate your project with the support of Haworth’s Ideation team. Our Workplace Strategists can help you assess your organisational needs and build a toolkit within CoDesigner to enable a cohesive, consistent approach to future planning projects.

CoDesigner product management

Comprehensive product management

CoDesigner licenses will allow users to upload multiple floor-plans, customised furniture applications and adjust planning parameters to their specific needs. Unleash the full potential of CoDesigner on your project.

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