Culture in the Workplace

Employee engagement is deeply influenced by company culture—the intersection of values, assumptions, and artifacts unique to an organization. Successful organizational cultures have intentional environments to help foster collaboration and innovation. Learn more about how culture creates a sense of order, continuity, and commitment that permeates every aspect of your organization—from employee interactions to customer perceptions. 


3 Things Leaders Should Know About Culture

A successful culture is dynamic and influenced by situations, timelines, and subcultures. Learn more about how to examine these 3 areas to align your organizational culture with your business strategies and goals.


Creating Workspaces for “We” and “Me”

Catering to diverse needs can improve employee performance, satisfaction, and engagement. Learn more about how to apply research-based frameworks to design workspaces that offer variety and choice for both groups and individuals.


Does Your Culture Need to Change?

The right culture for your organization is the one that fully supports your people and their work. Learn more about how to identify and implement the right culture for your business. Take our 30-second Culture Quiz to determine which culture type suits your company, and how to formulate a plan for change.


Moving Organizational Culture Forward

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) needed a new, future-proofed office that reflected their collaborative culture and payed homage to farm families. Learn how DFA gathered input from employees and refreshed their organizational culture in an updated space.

Graphical representation of culture types

Why Culture Types Matter

Culture can strengthen (or undermine) your organization’s business strategy and employee well-being. The four tenets of the Competing Values Framework—Collaborate, Create, Control, and Compete—create a foundation for purposeful workplace design. Learn more about the link between culture type and organizational effectiveness. Design Space to Support Culture.

Haworth Poppy chairs in blue upholstery in Davita office

A Culture of Well-Being in a Space That Flexes

Future spaces need built-in flexibility. This is one lesson DaVita took to heart in designing their new headquarters. Learn how DaVita designed their space to offer teams a rich, varied, and customizable work experience.

Read DaVita’s Story  

Haworth Soji chairs in MEC office

Room to Work and Play

Having outgrown their former main office, Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) planned a new facility to drive their vibrant outdoor culture, support core values, promote collaboration, and enable future expansion. Read MEC’s Story.

Haworth furniture in Oatey office

Nurturing a Collaborative Culture

Founded more than 100 years ago, Oatey was ready for a new corporate headquarters. Learn how Oatey consolidated staff into an open and adaptable campus that nurtures a collaborative culture and increases innovation. Read Oatey’s Story.

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